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However, there are still many gay actors who have established impressive fanbases throughout the world. In this Top Rated Gay Porn update, we will present you a list of nine of our favorite gay male porn stars from yesterday and today. Yes, read until the end in order to discover why. In our opinion, any list of gay pornstars should be fluid and open for revision and review. More importantly, each and every true gay porn fan should pay tribute to previous male actors that have paved the way for your current man crush. On this list, you will find some of the hottest male porn stars to have ever appeared in gay porn movies. Gay porn lovers have gone from patiently waiting, then discreetly opening a plain-wrapper package in the mail to instant downloads or tweets.
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His work in gay porn films to date has not involved any sexual acts with another man; Dalton has only masturbated on screen. According to his website, Dalton's appearances in adult magazines have not been limited to gay publications; the site states that he appeared on the back cover of an issue of Playgirl magazine and was included in its " Sexiest Men Alive" in , ranking in the top The Dallas Voice reported in August that Dalton and fellow porn performer Zeb Atlas were making a film that they hoped to release by December Dalton hails from Denton, Texas and his agent said that parts of the project were to be filmed in North Texas. Currently Dalton is playing the field as a free agent, looking for more film oppurtunities to satisfy his devoted fans.
mark dalton pornstar mark dalton pornstar

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mark dalton pornstar mark dalton pornstar
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