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What is an asian indian

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Women might wear a bindi, or ornamental dot, which sometimes indicates they are married, but is also worn as a fashion accessory on their foreheads at celebrations. Services can be conducted in either Sanskrit, Hindi, or the regional languages. While some Asian Indians visit temples regularly, others limit their visits to important religious occasions. Sikhism is different from Hinduism in its belief in one God. This percentage is much higher than any other ethnic group in America.

what is an asian indian what is an asian indian


South Asian ethnic groups

Indian Americans or Indo-Americans are Americans whose ancestry belongs to any of the many ethnic groups of the Republic of India. The U. Census Bureau uses the term Asian Indian to avoid confusion with the indigenous peoples of the Americas commonly referred to as American Indians or Native Americans or Amerindians. In the Americas , historically, the term "Indian" has been most commonly used to refer to the indigenous people of the continents after European colonization in the 15th century. Qualifying terms such as " American Indian " and " East Indian " were and are commonly used to avoid ambiguity. While "East Indian" remains in use, the term " South Asian " is often chosen instead for academic and governmental purposes. Beginning in the s the East India Company begins bringing indentured Indian servants to American colonies.
what is an asian indian what is an asian indian

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Asian people [12] or Asiatic people [13] are people who descend from a portion of Asia 's population. A variety of definitions and geographical data are presented by organizations and individuals for classifying the ethnic groups in Asia. In parts of anglophone Africa , especially East Africa and in parts of the Caribbean , the term "Asian" is more commonly associated with people of South Asian origin, particularly Indians , Pakistanis , Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans. Due to the high number of Indians in South Africa, in official documentation the designation "Indian" is used to refer to both South- and East-Asians. The Australian Census includes Central Asia. The Australian Census includes four regions of Asia in its official definition. The Canadian Census uses the term 'Asian' pan-continentally.
what is an asian indian what is an asian indian

Acculturation and Assimilation

In today's India , the population is categorized in terms of the 1, mother tongues spoken. These groups are further subdivided into numerous sub-groups, castes, and tribes. Dravidians form the predominant ethno-linguistic group in southern India and the northern and eastern regions of Sri Lanka, and a small pocket in Pakistan. The Iranian speaking peoples also have a significant presence in South Asia, the large majority of whom are located in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with heavy concentrations in Balochistan , Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Dardic peoples form a minority among the Indo-Aryans. They are classified as belonging to the Indo-Aryan language group, [2] though sometimes they are also classified as external to the Indo-Aryan branch. Minority groups not falling within either large group mostly speak languages belonging to the Austroasiatic and Tibeto-Burman language families, and mostly live around Ladakh and Northeast India , Nepal, Bhutan and the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.
what is an asian indian what is an asian indian
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